Photoshop CC Feathered Edge with Refine Edge

Step 1 - Start with two layers. In this example the bird photograph is on the top layer and the background is a solid black fill.


Step 2 - Click the Bird layer to make it active. Then command/control click on the Bird layer thumbnail to select around the photograph.


Step 3 - Select the selection tool (M) and click Refine Edge.


Step 4 - I used a 4px value for Feather and -62% for Shift Edge. Change the output to Layer Mask and click OK.


The result is a soft (feathered) edge around the photograph.


- Final PSD
- Bird

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  • Bobe

    command click with marquee tool does nothing to active layer. what am i doing wrong yo

  • R H

    Your instructions cannot be replicated in photoshop. command/control click does not select the Bird layer and the refine button is not in the tool bar either ?